We offer tailor-made events

Congress Studio Venezia specializes in organizing meetings and conferences.

Meetings organized for business, motivational, sales or educational purposes or product launches, represent much more than a gathering of individuals.

In order to maximize the opportunities derived from a meeting between salesmen and buyers, educators and learners, management and collaborators a dynamic and innovative organization is mandatory.

It has to adapt to the complexity of the event and to its specific requirements and at the same time it has to be based on a high standard of proficiency in the field of meeting and events management.

Congress Studio Venezia International s.a.s.

Via Giordano Bruno, 29 - 30174 Mestre (Venezia)

A tutela di committenti e partecipanti, l'azienda è assicurata con polizza infortuni e polizza RCT del gruppo assicurativo ITAS