We guarantee high quality as we care for the results

We strongly believe  that correct interpretation is at the basis of  good relationships at personal, professional and social level.

We do not ignore, however, that it’s incredibly easy to get “lost in translation,” so quality is a major concern when purchasing interpretation services.

We are a recognized provider of professional translation and interpretation services thanks to our careful selection, provision and management of interpretation facilities, qualified professionals and cutting edge  technology.

We can provide

  • written translation services
  • escort interpretation services
  • consecutive interpretation services
  • simultaneous interpretation services
  • remote phone/video interpretation services
  • transcripts

Congress Studio Venezia International s.a.s.

Via Giordano Bruno, 29 - 30174 Mestre (Venezia)

A tutela di committenti e partecipanti, l'azienda è assicurata con polizza infortuni e polizza RCT del gruppo assicurativo ITAS